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Unpuzzling Your Past, 4th edition

In the list below, NARA is the acronym for National Archives and Records Administration. The Internet addresses given below replace those in the text that have changed.

p. 92 #3, Microfilm rental: delete "Heritage Quest (formerly the American Genealogical Lending Library)." That option is no longer available.
p. 92 #4, NARA census microfilm catalogs online: www.archives.gov/publications/genealogy_microfilm_catalogs.html#census.
p. 98 5th paragraph under Supplemental Schedules: delete Heritage Quest.
p. 108 1st paragraph under County Courthouses: delete Heritage Quest.
p. 126 #4, Confederate pension information: www.archives.gov/research_room/genealogy/military/confederate_pension_records.html.
p. 133 At Internet Source icon, U.S. Newspaper Program: www.neh.gov/projects/usnp.html.
p. 136 #12: delete Heritage Quest.
p. 143 #1: delete paragraph on Heritage Quest.
p. 144 #4, National Archives Microfilm Rental Program: www.archives.gov/publications/microfilm_catalogs/how_to_rent_microfilm.html.
p. 144 #5, NGS online library catalog: www.ngsgenealogy.org/libprecat.htm.
p. 146 3d paragraph: NARA Web site www.archives.gov; to learn about new microfilm, www.archives.gov/research_room/genealogy/index.html and scroll to "new microfilm publications."
p. 147 2d bullet, NARA regional branches: www.archives.gov/facilities/index.html. Last line of National Archives heading: delete Heritage Quest. Last 2 lines, military microfilm catalog: www.archives.gov/publications/microfilm_catalogs/military/military_service_records.html.
p. 150 8th line: delete Heritage Quest.
p. 150 Last paragraph, ordering NARA forms for military records, in place of e-mail address: www.archives.gov/global_pages/inquire_form.html.
p. 150 At page break, information on getting copies of records from NARA: www.archives.gov/global_pages/inquire_form.html.
p. 151 Bold sentence: delete Heritage Quest.
p. 151 Sidebar, Confederate pension information: see p. 126 #4, above.
p. 158 Top line, ordering NARA forms online: www.archives.gov/global_pages/inquire_form.html.
p. 164 7th paragraph, NARA comprehensive microfilm catalog online: www.archives.gov/publications/genealogy_microfilm_catalogs.html#resource.
p. 168 Line 16: delete "and can be rented from Heritage Quest.
p. 170 Under Social Security: The search fee is now twenty-seven dollars.
p. 173 Line 16: Visit NUCMC online at www.loc.gov/coll/nucmc.
p. 192 Sidebar, perpetual calendars: keep calendarhome.com/tyc. Delete the other two and add www.norbyhus.dk/calendar.html.
p. 193 Last line: The second date should be 1814.
p. 240 NARA home page: www.archives.gov. NARA regional branches: www.archives.gov/facilities/index.html.
p. 243 First item under "employer, self-employed, . . ." should read "months unemployed."
p. 244 Item "slaves by age and sex": dates should read "1820-1860."

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